The Mystic’s Journey – Sept 22-23, 2023

An online gathering hosted by the Rowan Tree Church and Tradition of Lothloriën

In the northern hemisphere, we are readying ourselves for the autumnal shift and waning daylight that comes with the equinox. Hallowmas and Yule approach soon after, and we are plunged into the darkest time of the year, a time of contemplation and honoring our ancestors. As the season begins to change, we invite you to join us for a weekend of ritual, discussion, and learning in service to the inner mystic within each of us.

Schedule of Events

Friday, September 22nd

🍂 Autumn Eve Ritual

7:30 pm Central Time (5:30 pm PDT | 6:30 pm MDT | 8:30 pm EDT)

Join us as we celebrate Autumn Eve and the start of our online gathering with the Ritual of Lothloriȅn, hosted by Rev. gerry Beyerl from our sacred land at the Hermits Grove in Houston, MN.

Saturday, September 23rd

🕯️ Blessed is the Child of Light

12:00 pm Central Time (10:00 am PDT | 11:00 am MDT | 1:00 pm EDT)

Saturday begins with a reading of Blessed is the Child of Light, a text that originates from the work of Edmund Bordeaux Székely. This practice has served the purpose of sending healing energy to members of the Rowan Tree Church community and beyond for over three decades.

📜 A Conversation with Special Guest Mark Jones

2:00 pm Central Time (12:00 pm PDT | 1:00 pm MDT | 3:00 pm EDT)

Join Rev. Charly and Isaiah for a conversation with Wales-based astrologer, author, teacher, Psychosynthesis therapist Mark Jones. Together, we will explore a diverse range of topics including psychosynthesis, evolutionary astrology and mystic traditions. Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn from an esteemed guest. 

🔥 At the Portal: Initiation

with Isaiah Dearborne & Rev. Charly McCreary

3:30 pm Central Time (1:30 pm PDT | 2:30 pm MDT | 4:30 pm EDT)

Life is a series of initiatory experiences; death, birth, and cycles of commitment are woven into the tapestries of our lives. Some of these experiences take place as part of the natural currents of time. Other initiations take place because we seek them out through practices, devotion, and a willingness to transform ourselves. In this presentation, we will discuss initiation as an overarching concept, and explore it more deeply in both shamanic and Craft traditions, including the Tradition of Lothloriȅn.

🎴 The Path of the Cards

with Isaiah Dearborne & Rev. Charly McCreary

5:30 pm Central Time (3:30 pm PDT | 4:30 pm MDT | 6:30 pm EDT)

Join Isaiah and Rev Charly for a presentation on the Major Arcana of the tarot. They will share a unique approach to relating to the Trumps as evolved archetypes through a historical lens. Examples of misperceptions around the original “meanings” of selected cards will be shared, and participants will be encouraged to develop new ways of relating to the underlying archetypes. This material is appropriate for both seasoned tarot practitioners and those new to working with tarot.

🎵 Closing Concert

with Myke Hutchings

7:30 pm Central Time (5:30 pm PDT | 6:30 pm MDT | 8:30 pm EDT)

Lay Minister Myke Hutchings will present chants and songs of Lothloriën, along with an assortment pagan tunes. A ritual to close our Online Gathering will follow.


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