The Rowan Tree Church owns an 11-acre parcel in southeast Minnesota, with multiple structures and abundant undeveloped space for nature walks and solitary time. The property is not open to the general public, and visits must be arranged in advance. Please contact Rev. gerry Beyerl to schedule an appointment.

The Hive

The Hive is a 3,000 square foot building behind the house on the property in Houston, MN. It has a variety of functions:

Administrative: The office includes office space for the Church’s Membership Secretary and visiting students or researchers.

The Subscription & Research Library: The library consists of a collection of over 4,200 books. These are available for study onsite. Please contact Rev. gerry Beyerl to request a copy of the subscription library catalog.

Publishing: We publish promotional materials, the monthly newsletter, educational materials and comb-bound books on site. Printing and binding for our retail soft-bound books is done in Illinois and those books are kept in the Hive pending sale.

Educational Area: We have space for classes with as many as 20 students, and the ability to live-stream Sunday Circles and other Church offerings.

Herb Collection: We carry more than 220 dried botanicals for sale by the ounce, available by either mail order or in person.

The Puzzle Table: As we learned from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, having a permanent table for assembling a picture or jigsaw puzzle is very healing. Guests sit and puzzle away.

Gem & Mineral Display: A display of gems and minerals collected over many years.

Outdoor Ritual Space

We have multiple outdoor spaces appropriate for solitary or group ritual work, including a large Stone Circle with eight stones marking the Wheel of the Year. We also have a variety of outdoor garden spaces, with a wide variety of plants lovingly cultivated and tended by our caretakers.

The Residence

      The residence provides housing for the caretaker(s) of the property and for individuals who have arranged to stay onsite for personal or Church retreats.

      The Great Room includes the music area, kitchen, main temple and meditation areas.