The Rowan Tree Church is an Earth-focused network of Communities and solitary practitioners dedicated to the study and practice of the Wiccan Tradition we call Lothloriën. We encourage spiritual growth through support, resources and educational opportunities for our Members. We also offer formal pathworking leading to an understanding of the Inner Mysteries.

The Rowan Tree Church is the outer manifestation of The Tradition of Lothloriën, a Wiccan Tradition founded and established by Rev. Paul Beyerl. We began in the 1970s in Minnesota but soon had Members and students scattered throughout North America. We were incorporated as a Wiccan Church in 1980 and hold full status as a Church with the IRS.

Thousands of readers have found the descriptions of The Tradition of Lothloriën in the book A Wiccan Bardo, Revisited by Rev. Paul Beyerl an inspiring approach to a contemporary and universal Wiccan religion. The goal of Lothloriën is not personal power but empowerment through developing personal responsibility, highly disciplined ethics and through seeking wisdom and enlightenment. The Rowan Tree Church is the manifestation of that Tradition. Our ministry includes many educational aspects.