In Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, the Galadhrim, ‘the tree people,’ were the sylvan Elves who lived in the kingdom of Lothloriën, under the gentle rule of Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel. There the Galadhrim lived in harmony among the legendary golden mallorn trees within the most beautiful and magickal of the Eleven kingdoms in Middle Earth.

        From the first time Rev. Paul read the Hobbit books (beginning in the early 1960s), the name Lothloriën spoke to him strongly. It resonated in a way he could not explain. When the time came to select a name to identify our Wiccan Tradition, there was but one name he felt appropriate. By adding the umlaut we wish to indicate that, although derived from Tolkien, Lothloriën is not part of Tolkien’s realm. In our context Lothloriën remains a land which is a tree of life, one about which we sing the joys of our Mother and Father of Nature. Those who seek the deeper mysteries of our Tradition must, like the elves, be raised into the tree blindfolded as they enter Initiation. While we respectfully acknowledge Tolkien for his creation of the word, the philosophies, mythologies and customs practiced within The Rowan Tree Church are not based upon Tolkien’s writings. Our Land of Lothloriën is the Rowan Tree, not Tolkien’s mallorn.

        Within our Wiccan Tradition of Lothloriën, the Unicorn has been a central figure in our ritual and mythology. The Unicorns serve as the Watchtower Guardians, as transport for our Lady, as healers and as messengers between our world and the realm of the Gods.

        The Galadhrim Society of Unicorns was created in 1990 as a service organization to support The Rowan Tree Church and assist in preserving The Tradition of Lothloriën. This support takes the form, first and foremost, of volunteer work to assist Lothloriën’s clergy in running the mundane business aspects of the Church in which there are many. In addition we assist the Board of Directors and foster a strong sense of community within the Church through connecting with other Church Members and through our ministries in the USA and Canada.

        Membership in the Galadhrim is open to all Voting Church Members who are in good standing, who are active in assisting with the Church businesses and community affairs, or who wish to take an active role in such. Those individuals who petition to join are admitted for a trial period of three Full Moons during which time they are expected to demonstrate their willingness to assist in our mission and ministries and consider dedicating themselves to The Galadhrim Society. After the trial period, the petitioner will be admitted into the Society through a long distance, simultaneous induction ritual.

        Should anyone have questions about the Galadhrim Society of Unicorns or wish to petition for membership, please contact:

        Isaiah Dearborne, c/o The Rowan Tree Church, 16501 County 13, Houston, MN 55943