About The Hermit’s Grove….

      We are part of a non-profit, educational center with space for new herbal gardens and sacred land in SE Minnesota, just west of Houston, MN, founded by Rev. Paul Beyerl and his partner, Rev. Gerry Beyerl. We offer on-site classes, workshops with access to 11 acres. Over time we will once again have gardens and a woodland containing many species of herbs, fruit and flower; memorials of trees, plantings and bells for those who have passed over; a Stone Circle for meditation and solitude; and facilities for student research. The School of Healing encompasses courses, workshops and educational programs offered at The Hermit’s Grove. With students throughout North America and a strong following of Beyerls’ books, we wish to serve our numerous and diverse students.

      The Hermit’s Grove is an educational division of The Rowan Tree Church, housing the Church’s library, offices for the administrative, educational and publishing programs; and caretaking the 11 acres of land which belongs to The Rowan Tree Church

Some history:

      The Hermit’s Grove was incorporated in 1994 as a nonprofit corporation. At that time it was it was to provide a supportive role to The Rowan Tree Church, the ‘parent’ organization. Its original goals were included housing for clergy, caretaking the facilities, and overseeing the publishing and educational programs which were distinct from The Mystery School. Over the years The Hermit’s Grove was commonly used as the name of the Church’s administrative center and the botanical gardens in Redmond.

      The two names and two organizations were often confusing for the public. Was a class sponsored by one or the other? Some books were sold by the Church, others by the Grove. There were two separate bank accounts. In 2011 the legal paperwork was filed and The Hermit’s Grove was merged into The Rowan Tree Church. It took some time but the two bookkeeping systems and two bank accounts were also merged and, in 2019, the separate organizational newsletters were also merged.

      The name came to Revs. Paul & Gerry as they spent Christmas, 1993, at the Grand Canyon. Near the west end of the south rim trails is The Hermit’s Rest. For two Virgos (Virgo claims the Hermit Card in the Tarot) there was no better name for our Redmond location than The Hermit’s Grove. The name is more than a singular location, but represents these lasting activities of the parent organization, The Rowan Tree Church.

      Having two not-for-profit organizations was confusing for people. Having two bank accounts for them made it treacherous for bookkeeping. After two years of consideration, including a huge undertaking for two differing systems. In 2011 The Hermit’s Grove was merged into The Rowan Tree Church. Today you can write a check to either name and it will be deposited into the same checking account.