Our first Food Drive was in 2000. This year, with Rev. Gerry’s encouragement, we bought extra groceries five weeks in a row. We donated 100 pounds of food as a donation from The Rowan Tree Church which was delivered to the Houston Minnesota Food Bank.  Myke Hutchings made donations to his food bank in Hamilton, Ontario in the Church’s name. A conversation with Rev. Frank led to the idea of a year-long, church-wide food drive for those wishing to participate.

        If you live elsewhere and wish to support our annual food drive, you may donate funds by sending a check or money order by postal mail, using a credit or debit card (Visa or MC) and calling me to make secure arrangements; or by using Paypal.

        Here is how it will work. For a donation to qualify 1) it must be to a food bank or collection agency. and 2) it must be made in the Church’s name.

        Money or food you give directly to a person? That generous gift is seen by the recipient and also by you as coming from you.  

        We’ll keep a running total each year from November 1st until Hallows of the following year… 1) February 20th – Rev. Gerry Beyerl delivered a box of nonperishable food items from the Beyerls plus $100 of his money to go toward fresh produce. This was donated to the Houston, Minn, food bank.