My method of teaching tarot enables you to learn each card, gain familiarity with the tarot and set yourself free from needing to refer to books. Teaching professional readers and beginners for over forty years, Beyerl’s approach is entertaining, friendly and highly enlightening.

      My most popular course has ben the Twelve Week course. Each card is studied individually. Students learn how to interpret the basic symbols which permeate the entire deck. The Major Arcana classes include magickal and ritual information and correspondences which allow you to learn the deeper Mysteries of these cards and work with their different energies. These archetypes are taught in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-remember presentation.

      Over an eleven year period I wrote a column covering each card, one at a time. These columns provided the majority of text for my book The Symbols and Magick of Tarot.

      I have a modest collection of decks. There are about one hundred decks sorted by the card. Thus, if you wish to see the Tower Card as universal, you can see how many dozens of artists have interpreted those archetypes. This ‘Archive’ of decks is in our Subscription Library, available for onsite study.