The Rowan Tree Church provides a variety of services and ministries to communities throughout North America including online rituals, Sunday Circles, retreats, and other opportunities to connect, learn and engage with like-minded people. The Mystery School of Lothloriën offers deeper levels of training within the Mysteries. We are a 501(c)(3) federally-recognized charity in the United States, and a legally-recognized Church.

We also publish a free Sabbat-cycle newsletter The Unicorn & Lantern that contains articles, original poetry, herbal monographs, and more.

Please consider supporting the future of the Church through a donation via the PayPal Giving Fund or directly to the Church via check or credit card. Contact our General Manager Rev. gerry Beyerl for more information on how to make your donation. Becoming a Member of the Church is another way to get involved and show your support.

Purchases made through our online store also support the Church.