The Tradition of Lothloriën is described in detail in the book A Wiccan Bardo, Revisited by Rev. Paul V. Beyerl. We work with archetypes and symbols which are compatible with most Wiccan, Buddhist and Native Traditions. We do not derive our beliefs from any specific culture but seek a more universal approach to our views of Nature.

As an Earth Religion, we perceive our Mother Earth as being sacred. We observe the evolution of Nature and view it as a role model. We take a non-violent approach to life, both of body and of mind. We practice tolerance and seek the good in all religions. Whether gathering with a Community in Circle or doing ritual as a solitary, we use tools such as communication, timing, and herbal magick in our rituals to be connected with other Members. We do not require Members to remove themselves from other religions or traditions, but Members must be comfortable in their acceptance of The Tradition of Lothloriën and it must play a role in their lives.

Membership in The Rowan Tree Church provides the monthly RTNews, our monthly newsletter, a copy of the Annual Report and invitations to participate in rituals and gatherings, whether as a solitary or with a local Community. All Members are offered access to our central library and, for a modest subscription fee to cover shipping, may check out books for research and pleasurable reading. An archive of past tapes is kept in our archives and is used for research by Mystery School students and other Members seeking information about our Church’s history.

If you are considering joining The Rowan Tree Church, we ask you to read A Wiccan Bardo, Revisited. If you want this Tradition in your life and you want to join the church, send us a note with your thoughts. Membership is open to any person age of 18 and over. We require parental permission for minors. Individuals who have been incarcerated may be asked to participate in our Transitional Membership program prior to attaining Full Membership.

We do not follow a coven model but see the growth of groups as Communities. Our primary Community and offices are located in the Beyerls’ home at The Hermit’s Grove. For more information about the work at the Grove, please visit http://www.thehermitsgrove.org/.