The text used for The Child of Light is from The Gospel of the Essenes, from the section Edmund Bordeaux Székely calls ‘The Essene Book of Jesus: The Sevenfold Peace.” I recall being so moved by those passages as they referred to the presence of divinity throughout the natural world, referring to ‘god’ as Mother as well as Father.

      The Rowan Tree Church began using this material in the early 1980s as a ritual which promotes healing. Székely’s text promotes a wholeness of body and of spirit.

      Today we can find studies which indicate that prayer is able to promote healing and wellness. There are also some studies which raise questions about the efficacy of prayer.

      The Child of Light Ritual is worked monthly by the members of the Galadhrim, a service organization within our Church.

      Many Members also work the ritual at other times.

      Our edition of the Child of Light Ritual is published and available for purchase here in our online store.