I believe it was in 1995. I was picking up printing and dropping off a job at our regular printer. The woman who ran that center was named Sharon. I was waiting and looking over jobs stacked on the counter and there was a large number of books. It was the first time I had seen bound books as a printing job. When I asked about them, Sharon said she outsourced the binding but otherwise yes, she could print books. I was so excited.

        I was in need of putting books in print. We had a failed business venture with an odd man in Palm Springs. He published a nice hardbound book, but it was not one which could be sold in the store. The book title was not printed on the spine and there were ads inside the book for odd New Age gadgets. We were in different worlds and he could not get the books sold.

        Having recently parted ways I was looking for a publisher. I found that publisher in me. A dear friend of mine, George Edington had just given me $1000 as a gift for the work I was doing. Becoming a publisher was one of the dreams I had as a child. I soon had several books in print and we were on our way.

        Around ten years later I got an advertisement from Fidlar-Doubleday. They were advertising their book binding and printing services. Not only would this be a dramatic improvement in quality but the wholesale price per book would be much less. Our covers were now a glossy finish, the binding did not thicken the Book and the ‘perfect binding’ became brittle. Books broke open at the spine.

        Today we publish books which are competitive in price and quality. Where we fall short is in not having a budget nor volunteers to handle advertising. As a result, some of the titles are available only through us. Other titles may be found on Amazon.com. We have titles carried by New Leaf Distribution for North America and in Europe by Deep Books.

Andrius’ Colouring Book of Numbers

A Wiccan Bardo, Revisited              

A Wiccan Reader, Vol. I                   

A Wiccan Reader, Vol II                   

Gem and Mineral Lore      

Healing Feelings  

Introduction to the Tarot Stones

On Death and Dying

Out of Madness Comes Eloquence

Painless Astrology

The Hatchling

The Holy Books of the Devas

The Holy Books of the Devas: Classic Edition

The Symbols and Magick of the Tarot